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You may know that CRICO provides your medmal insurance program, but we also have a wide array of patient safety resources that can help you provide safer care for yourself and for your patients.

  1. Based on real-life medmal claims, subject matter experts offer a patient safety analysis and key lessons
  2. Discover what our data reveal about risks in your specialty—and find steps to mitigate them
  3. Extensive insights by specialty and safety concern
  4. Experts discuss malpractice cases, patient safety, and emerging issues
  5. Evidence-based decision support tools from Harvard experts to help avoid high-severity malpractice risks

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Response to Charges of Discrimination can Help or Hurt a Hospital, Any Employer


Two case studies in the Harvard system illustrate how different defendant responses to allegations of discrimination can impact the outcome and the need to settle.

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Patient Safety and ‘Off-hours’ Clinical Care

Our analysis showed that malpractice claims in which off-hours care was a contributing factor were significantly more likely to close with a payment being made to the claimant.

Just how risky is it?
Incorrect blood type caused acute hemolytic reaction in patient.

Case Study

Shaky Adherence of Patient Identification During Blood Transfusion

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Safety in the ED: Improving the Care of Behavioral Health Patients


Recommendations and risk mitigation strategies to help optimize care and improve patient and staff safety in this dynamic environment.

For everyone’s safety
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Best Medical Practices 2023

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Best Medical Practices 2023

Nov 3
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