CRICO Insights: November 2021

Top Ways EHR Use is Contributing to Clinician Burnout

CRICO released a call-to-action video highlighting why clinicians and patients often see the electronic medical record (EHR) as the enemy. Featuring interviews with a panel of leading experts, viewers are shown an aspirational vision of what might be possible.


EHRs are designed as transactional systems, not able to consider human factors.


MDs average 4,000 EHR keystrokes in a 10-hour shift


Clinicians spend six hours per day in the EHR; ~1.5 “after hours”.


Many MDs manage more than 2,000 patients in their panels.


Most EHRs fail to account for a true clinical workflow, resulting in missed capture of key information.

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Hospitalists Face Worsening Malpractice Climate

On this episode of our Safety Net podcast we spoke with Adam Schaffer, MD, MPH, of Brigham and Women’s Hospital about his research into the changing malpractice environment for hospitalists, which may be getting less favorable. What does his research reveal?


Device Vendors Distract Surgical Team

Following surgery for rectal prolapse—which involved a malfunctioning stapling device—a 53-year-old male experienced complications and required additional surgery. What went wrong?


Illuminating Value: 2021 Candello Annual Benchmarking Report

This year’s annual benchmarking report demonstrates how real change can be achieved with the right tools in hand. Six different organizations share their stories of tangible value experienced—in part or in full—because of the valuable information that data and analytics provided. Download the report...


CRICO Confirmation of Coverage is in Your Inbox

Whether you call it “proof of insurance” or your “facesheet,” your 2022 coverage document should have hit your inbox in November. We don't want you to think it's a phishing attempt, so we're providing an example of the email. Make sure you haven't missed it...

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