CRICO Insights: July 2021

Triggers for Residents to Contact their Attending

MPL cases involving residents generally center around communications failures, so a shared notification guideline was developed by the chiefs of surgery of several CRICO-insured institutions.

Here are some triggers that were identified for a resident to contact their attending:


All critical changes in a surgical patient’s condition (generally within 1 hour following evaluation)


Discharge from the hospital or from the ED (requires discussion and approval)


Transfer out of ICU (requires discussion and approval)


A situation feels more complicated than the trainee can manage


Clinical staff or the patient request that the attending surgeon be contacted

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Newborn Body Cooling Safety
and Efficacy Moves Forward

Our latest episode of Safety Net looks at how organizations from across the country, including CRICO’s own Academic Medical Center Patient Safety Organization (AMC PSO), came together to standardize the therapeutic hypothermia process and make it safer for both infants and the doctors treating them. What can we learn from standardizing treatments?


Telemedicine FAQs

As telemedicine becomes a more widely used tool by clinicians, you may still have some questions about your coverage for it. Find out about the coverage...


What’s My Risk Library

Our What’s My Risk library contains data-driven explanations on primary allegations and contributing factors in malpractice claims for a variety of specialties. Do you know your risk?


Tracking the Experience of Residency Leaders

For the past year, residency leaders have faced the extraordinary experience of coping with the COVID-19 pandemic. Our most recent blog shares the insight of several leaders who took the opportunity to document their experiences, challenges, and lessons learned. Learn insights from your peers...

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