CRICO Insights: February 2021

4 Steps of a Malpractice Suit

The course of a suit can be lengthy, but each one progresses through four main stages. Now that Massachusetts trials are gradually resuming in the wake of the pandemic, you might be curious about the process—and, if you ever find yourself being named as a defendant, it’s good to understand what your involvement is likely to be along the way to help strengthen your ability to cope.


Suit Filed




Discovery & Tribunal


Trial or Alternative Dispute Resolution

For insight on the chronology of a case, as well as one physician’s personal alternative view on the steps, read more.


The Earlier the Better: More MedMal Insurers Offer Real-time Support After Patient Harm

More and more medical malpractice insurance programs are adopting early resolution policies. For some serious adverse events, patients get earlier payments. In all cases, immediate transparency and communication help participants recover. What this means for providers...


Learning From Medication-related Malpractice Cases

Medication-related errors are common, can cause high-severity injuries, and may be costly. The latest blog by CRICO Strategies covers the data behind medication-related claims and the takeaways that can inform how best to avoid these errors. What can we learn from the data?


In Defense of the Jury System

The jury system may not be perfect when it comes to medical malpractice cases, but it is a system which works. Two legal experts—from both the bench and the bar—explain how the jury system seeks justice. Learn what goes on in the courtroom...


The 100 Day Mask Challenge

On January 20, President Joe Biden issued an executive order on mask-wearing. As representatives of patient safety, it is in our best interest to champion this cause and encourage everyone to mask up! Leverage the many creative efforts available to help...


Where Are You When Things Go Wrong?

Sometimes things in medicine go terribly wrong for a patient. Medicine is practiced by humans and, as an unfortunate consequence of our humanity, patients are sometimes hurt by our mistakes. Even the very best health care practitioners make mistakes. Come together when things go wrong...

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