CRICO Insights: May 2020

5 Questions Related to Coverage and Privileges During the COVID-19 Crisis

Answers to frequently asked questions by clinicians regarding their coverage at member hospitals during the coronavirus pandemic.


Does CRICO require notification of new privileges extended to existing insured clinicians?


What if a resident is rotating to another department or CRICO hospital? Is coverage affected?


Overall, what COVID-19 generated activities or changes require CRICO notification?


Is there a special premium assigned to physicians and other clinicians during this time?


Will there be premium reductions for clinicians whose clinical practice has been decreased as a result of the crisis?

Visit the full FAQ page for the answers.


New Law Gives Clinicians Less to Worry About During COVID-19

The current crisis has plunged many clinicians into unfamiliar waters. Elizabeth Cushing, Sr. VP of Claims at CRICO, looks at one way Massachusetts is providing help. What’s protected?


CRICO Responds to COVID-19:
No-Cost Added Coverage, Faster Application

Learn more about how we’re supporting our member clinicians and organizations in this interview with Melissa Kemp, VP of Underwriting at CRICO. We’ve got you covered...


Narrow Focus Fogs Opportunity for Timely PE Diagnosis

A 55-year-old patient died of a pulmonary embolism (PE) one week after an urgent care visit. What went wrong?


A Movement and Its Future After 20 Years:
Patient Safety Leader Retires, Looks Ahead

What has the patient safety movement achieved over the past 20 years, and what lies ahead? Darrell Ranum of The Doctor’s Company surveys the progress we’ve made. Listen to the data...

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