CRICO Insights: February 2019

Dx in the ED: Top Moments Something Can Go Wrong

Our research suggests extra focus on education and training in these four areas can help minimize diagnostic errors in the emergency department.


Ongoing monitoring of clinical status


Ordering diagnostic tests


Consultation management


Diagnosis and discharge plan

Find out how to spot and avoid the risks.


MedMal Case Frequency is Down

From 2007 to 2016, the rate of medmal cases asserted per 100 physicians dropped 27%. For the roughly one million physicians across the country, this trend signals a dramatic change in their risk of being named in a case. Get the low down.


What’s Up With Cardiac Claims?

While the overall rate of medmal cases is dropping, the number of cardiology cases is rising. Drs. Krishnan and Quinn set out to understand what’s going on. Hear their results.


Nurses Are Key in Preventing Deadly Diagnostic Errors in Cardiovascular Diseases

Using CRICO data, researchers examined the role nurses can play in preventing these errors. How can teamwork be more effective?


Passive Response to Mother’s Status During Labor

A newborn died shortly after her birth, which was complicated by prolonged labor and a delayed diagnosis of chorioamnionitis. What went wrong?


What should I do when I get a subpoena for my office records?

A patient’s record can be released if you have written authorization from that patient. However, restrictions may come into play if the record contains “sensitive information.” Know what you should redact and when.

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