CRICO Insights: May 2018

Who Gets Named?

When patients file a medical malpractice claim, they usually accuse—or “name”—their physician, but other members of the care team may be named as well.

N=1,110 medical professional liability cases closed 2013–2017. 1,189 physicians and 320 non-physicians were named in these cases. Medical entities may also be named. Cases often have more than one defendant.


Avoiding Mishandled Referrals that Hurt Patients

Mishandled specialty referrals in ambulatory care can harm patients if a diagnosis is delayed or missed. A new guide from CRICO and IHI aims to make referrals more reliable and reduce mistakes. What can be done?


Communication: Let’s Be Clear About This

Effective communication—whether spoken or written—does not necessarily mean more words or more time. Words matter, so choose wisely...


Who has Access to My Malpractice Claims Info?

CRICO is required to report your claims experience to various government entities. Get the lowdown on who we report to, who can request your information, and under what circumstances. Who Knows?


NP Misses Fatal Illness on Phone with Patient’s Dad

The fact that the patient had had something to drink and had urinated was falsely reassuring to the provider. Fixation error prevented consideration of the bigger picture...

Getting older and wiser soon?

We can help out with the wiser part. As your birthday–and medical license renewal–approaches, we’ll send you a reminder with links to our CME content to help you fulfill the Massachusetts requirement for risk management education.

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