CRICO Insights: December 2016

Six Key Safety Principles in Primary Care


Establish and sustain a culture of safety


Build and support effective teams


Partner with patients and families in their care


Ensure closed-loop processes for referrals and tests


Develop systems for reliable diagnosis and delivery of evidence-based care


Standardize communication among all care providers

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CRICO WEBINAR | Jan 30 - one hour - starts at 12:15

Prostate Cancer: Screening & Selected Treatment Dilemmas

Each month, our webinar series Mitigating Diagnostic Risks in Primary Care addresses a common diagnostic challenge facing clinicians. Register now to get the latest advice and insights for PCPs...

CRICO Defendant Video Series

Regardless of whether or not you’ve been sued, these intimate stories shared by your peers deliver insight and hope. Hear from your colleagues about their experiences with medmal...

Clinical Guidelines for Neonatal Encephalopathy

With an expanding set of patients for whom therapeutic hypothermia may be applicable, the AMC PSO convened a task force to provide consensus-based, literature-supported guidelines to aid clinicians. Review the guidelines...


Patient’s Migraine History Biases Diagnosis in ED

Treated and discharged from the ED with a diagnosis of migraine, this patient had an acute event later that same day. What went wrong?


Patient Voice: Beth Felt a Lump but the Nurse Didn’t

Beth Pyliotis shares her compelling story of how her breast cancer was diagnosed and treated. How patient and her providers turned it around...

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