CRICO Insights: September 2015

Top 5 Sep 2015

Rest Insured

Malpractice allegations are a legitimate concern, but your medical professional liability insurance should provide some peace of mind. Take a deep breath

Malpractice Claims Analysis Confirms Risks in EHRs

Computer systems that don’t “talk” to each other, test results that aren’t routed properly, and mistakes caused by faulty data entry can put you and your patient at risk. Learn more


Patient Unaware of PSA Testing, Then Cancer

A 52-year-old man was diagnosed with prostate cancer three years after a panel of lab results showed an elevated PSA that the patient never saw and his PCP inadequately followed. Learn more

Get Funding for Patient Safety Research

CRICO is seeking proposals for innovative patient safety research in these areas: diagnostics, systems expansion and affiliation, patient engagement, and data analytics. Learn more


Spine Surgery: Someone Should Have Said "Time Out"

This was more an error of judgment at the time of surgery than a technical slip of the knife. Learn more


Medication Errors in the Inpatient Setting


Learn more about medication issues

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