CRICO Insights: July 2015

Top 5 July 2015

Are Attendings Liable for Residents’ Negligence?

Is the attending physician for an inpatient legally responsible for all the care provided by the clinical team while a patient is in the hospital? Learn more

Triggers for Resident-to-Attending Communication

The “triggers” card sends a clear message to the house staff: the attendings want to know what is going on with their patients—they want the phone call, day or night. Learn more


Inadequate Management of a Breast Lump

Inadequate patient assessment is a contributing factor in 39% of ambulatory cases alleging a diagnostic failure. Learn more


Residents Just as Liable as Attendings

Residents often mistakenly assume they can’t be sued if they followed their superior’s care plan, but a Boston attorney sets them straight. Learn more


Your Teammates at Risk

2,323 CRICO cases were closed 2005–14. Of those, 384 cases involved 642 non-physician employees. July Insights Data Graph

Learn more about team training

Supporting Disclosure and Apology

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