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Can Access to Doctor Notes Help Patients Find Mistakes, Recall Care Plans?


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Can Access to Doctor Notes Help Patients Find Mistakes, Recall Care Plans?

By Tom A. Augello, CRICO

Related to: Ambulatory, Communication, Diagnosis, Cures Act: Opening Notes, Electronic Health Records, Emergency Medicine, Primary Care, Medication, Nursing, Obstetrics, Other Specialties, Surgery


Duration: 3:53

This podcast is an episode of Patient Safety Updates. You can find other episodes and subscribe using the links to the left.


  • Sigall Bell, MD
  • Jan Walker, RN, MBA

We already know that giving patients access to their doctor’s notes in their medical record helps them better adhere to medication regimens and feel more in control of their overall healthcare. Now the OpenNotes researchers have given patients a feedback mechanism. Will they report medical errors with it? With extra funding from CRICO, that’s what they hope to find out. Patients and doctors discuss the impacts and benefits of using this innovation.

February 25, 2016
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