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Doctors and the Law Releases Second Edition

  • January 10, 2017

A guide for physicians entering uncharted waters of the legal system.


BOSTON, Jan. 10, 2017 -- On behalf of authors Hon. Hiller B. Zobel and Stephen N. Rous, MD, CRICO announces the publication of Doctors & the Law, second edition. First published in 1993, this updated version of the book follows a similar path of helping to inform and guide clinicians who find themselves needing to navigate the unfamiliar waters of the legal system.

The authors of Doctors & the Law share the wisdom of an unlikely pair of friends: one a retired associate justice of the Massachusetts Superior Court, the other a surgeon/urologist and emeritus professor. Hon. Hiller Zobel and Stephen Rous, MD have maintained a decades-long friendship while simultaneously pursuing their independent professional paths. Twenty years after their initial book was released, they recognized the need for an updated version that would incorporate current-day challenges presented by the now ubiquitous presence of social media, mobile devices, and electronic health records. 

“Based on his role as a legal consultant to our insured-members,” says Elizabeth Cushing, SVP Claims for CRICO, “we have come to greatly value Judge Zobel's insights for medical defendants in the courtroom and the learned perspective he shares with them about the legal process. When he and Dr. Rous expressed an interest in writing an updated version of Doctors & the Law, it was a publishing opportunity that we couldn't pass up.”

The authors combined perspectives and anecdotal approach to the subject matter, make this book an essential read for anyone who finds themselves embroiled in a legal situation, or is simply interested in learning an insider's perspective of the inner-workings of our justice system.

“This book is designed to educate, soothe, and encourage anyone entering the stormy seas of litigation,” explains retired Hon. Hiller Zobel. “Getting angry at the law institutionally,” he writes, “will help you deal with the legal system about as much as a patient's unfocused rage at illness speeds recovery.” 

Doctors & the Law is available now in Paperback on Amazon and in Hardcover on Lulu.

About CRICO:
For 40 years, CRICO has served the clinicians, institutions, and employees of the Harvard medical community with a superior medical professional liability program, and an extensive array of patient safety resources. The strength of our program comes from the delivery of strong insurance protection and claims management through vigorous yet fair malpractice defense strategies. CRICO works closely with organizational leaders and physicians to provide insured-clinicians the support they need in the aftermath of an adverse event

Media Contact: Missy Padoll