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Patient Safety Films

Interviews reveal the impact of adverse events on patients and clinicians. 


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Films produced by CRICO deliver compelling documentaries that represent a comprehensive perspective of medical treatment... when things go wrong. These complete educational packages deliver a profound opportunity for health professionals to increase their understanding of the patient and family experience, as well as the devastating impact of medical error on the physician.

When Things Go Wrong: Voices of Patients and Families DVD (see preview)

This frank and moving film features 10 patients and their families sharing the impacts of medical error on their lives. Their searing insights offer ideas for improving the health care system and patient/provider communication. The patient’s perspective, in this unique format, is a rare and compelling gift. This educational DVD package includes the feature film (26 minutes); six theme-based vignettes; five patient narratives; a guide for learners and facilitators, and an annotated bibliography.

Healing the Healer DVD (see preview)

This dramatic 19-minute documentary film exposes the painful impact on clinicians when patient care goes wrong. Healing the Healer includes a call to action to assist healers with their own recovery so they are able to continue delivering optimal care to their patients.

Healing the Healer also includes eight short special features with a focus on providers and programs. Half of the features offer a closer look at four providers who share their pain and personal insights for how doctors and nurses can be supported. The second half highlights four programs across the United States where institutions are revolutionizing how clinicians are treated after an adverse event.

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Please visit the Medically Induced Trauma Support Services (MITSS) website to find their discount code and receive a $100 reduction in price on your order. You will find it on page 2 of their tool kit page. More pricing options are explained in the sidebar.


Pay via PayPal (allows your PayPal account or a credit card) or with a check.

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