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CRICO invested in the production of educational films that illustrate the impact of medical error on patients and families, as well as clinicians. These films are available via DVD for CRICO-insured members and the general public.

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Healing the Healer: This dramatic 19-minute documentary film exposes the painful impact on clinicians when patient care goes wrong. Included: eight short special features with a focus on providers and programs.

When Things Go Wrong: features 10 patients and their families sharing the impacts of medical error on their lives. Included: feature (26 minutes); six theme-based vignettes; five patient narratives; a guide for learners and facilitators, and an annotated bibliography.


CRICO Members Receive Free educational Patient Safety FIlms


Any full-time employee of a CRICO member organization shares the benefits of CRICO coverage, including our patient safety educational films on DVD. 


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These films are also available on a DVD to all CRICO-insured, including clinical and administrative staff, free of charge. Members who wish to receive one or more copies of our films, should:

Now publicly available on YouTube without a form and soon here.

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CRICO-insured physicians, residents, and fellows have the exclusive ability to view complete versions of our films through the secure My CRICO member site:


Healing the Healer
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When Things Go Wrong
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Public Orders


Individuals, non-CRICO Insured Medical Institutions, Agencies, Schools, Etc.

Films are available for the purchase price of $395/DVD plus shipping and handling; and if applicable, Massachusetts sales tax.

To order DVDs visit the Patient Safety Films Payment page or contact David Whitley, 617.450.6811.