Patient Safety Education

CRICO offers education opportunities for our members and the greater healthcare community through presentations, courses, publications, films and case studies.

Handouts, Case Studies, and More


Patient Safety Alerts: AMC PSO makes patient safety learnings available to the public as part of CRICO’s ongoing commitment towards improving patient safety across the continuum of care.


Safer Care Modules: Through its Office Practice Evaluation (OPE) program and analysis of medical malpractice case data, CRICO has identified key opportunities for improving patient safety for patients receiving office-based care.


Case Studies: Brief summary of a case that includes a description, allegation, clinical sequence, disposition, analysis and key lessons.

Films: Order a DVD


What Happens When Things Go Wrong: features 10 patients and their families sharing the impacts of medical error on their lives.


Healing the Healer: dramatic 19-minute documentary film exposes the painful impact on clinicians when patient care goes wrong.

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