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Catching Breast Cancer
In Women 40–49


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Catching Breast Cancer
In Women 40–49

By Tom A. Augello, CRICO

Related to: Ambulatory, Communication, Diagnosis, Primary Care, Other Specialties, Surgery

Duration: 12:39

This podcast is an episode of Safety Net. You can find other episodes and subscribe using the links to the left.


  • Mara Schonberg, MD, MPH

Breast cancer is the most common non-cutaneous cancer in women, and the leading cause of cancer death in women age 40–65.  Missed, delayed or wrong diagnosis of breast cancer is a leading cause of malpractice claims, especially in young women. This talk, titled “Breast Care Risk Assessment Among Women 40–49 in Primary Care,” was presented in June 2019 as part of a patient safety grant program sponsored by CRICO/Risk Management Foundation of the Harvard Medical Institutions. 


Our presenter is Dr. Mara Schonberg, an Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, a practicing internist, and Director of Research in Shared Decision Making in the Division of General Medicine at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. 


November 20, 2019
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