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March 1, 2022 Frequency and Nature of Communication and Handoff Failures in Medical Malpractice Claims

Using Candello data, this study examines the characteristics of malpractice claims which miscommunications.


March 1, 2022 Improving Patient Handoffs Helps Reduce Malpractice Claims

Healthcare Risk Management reports on a large study conducted by Boston Children’s Hospital in which researchers reviewed 498 medical malpractice claims provided by Candello, CRICO’s national medical malpractice collaborative. The work revealed a direct relationship between the quality of patient handoffs and claims.


January 5, 2022 To Measure and Reduce Diagnostic Error, Start With the Data You Have

This article, published by the Michigan State Medical Society, provides insight into how CRICO's diagnostic process of care framework, using medical malpractice claims data, can be used to reduce diagnostic errors.

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Use All Available Data Including Med-mal Claims to Improve Patient Safety

  • February 20, 2020

When risk management and claims departments work separately, they miss out on learning and influence that can improve with collaboration. 

Leaders from a CRICO Strategies’ data partner, UMass Memorial Health Care, share how using the CRICO Strategies national CBS helped two of their diverse departments to successfully align their claims management efforts to reduce risk and improve patient safety.


Citation for the Full-text Article

Betsy Lehman Center for Patient Safety. Use all available data, including med-mal claims, to improve patient safetyPatient Safety Beat. 2020 February 20.  

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