Patient Leaving without Diagnosis? Avoid Suits by Clarifying Limitations

  • November 1, 2012

This article, which appeared in the ED Legal Letter, highlights findings from CRICO Strategies' 2011 annual benchmarking study on risks in emergency medicine. Both legal and medical perspectives are presented.

Source: ED Legal Letter. 23 (11) 127-29. 2012 Nov.

In the article, "Patient Leaving without diagnosis?" CRICO Strategies program director Gretchen Ruoff, referenced data from the Strategies benchmarking study, Malpractice Risks in Emergency Medicine.  She  said, “We started out looking broadly at all cases with a primary allegation relating to emergency medicine, and found that almost 50% of ED cases involved a missed or delayed diagnosis.” Gruoff added, “The injuries in those cases were more severe than those resulting from other ED cases, thus resulting in higher payments.”