Claims Made

10% of CBS (2008-17)
59% high severity
$197K average total incurred
70% ambulatory (29% inpatient)
44% diagnosis-related (29% medical treatment)


63% of defendants = MDs
35% close with payment
$360K average indemnity

Injuries in high-severity cases

  • death
  • malignancy
  • adverse reaction
  • infarction
  • infection
  • embolism/thrombosis
  • organ damage
  • arrest
  • sepsis
  • hemorrhage

Final diagnosis in high-severity cases

  • diseases of the heart
  • poisoning
  • cerebrovascular disease
  • cancer of bronchus; lung
  • substance-related disorders
  • bacterial infection
  • complications
  • colorectal cancer
  • diseases of arteries; arterioles; and capillaries
  • cancer of male genital organs

Top contributing factors

  • failure to order a consult/referral
  • failure to order a diagnostic test
  • failure to appreciate new signs/findings
  • provider-provider communication regarding patient’s condition
  • fail to establish a differential diagnosis
  • inadequate assessment: history and physical

Case abstracts

All CBS CMY `08-`17 = 67,617 cases

All CBS Closed `08-`17 = 73,444 cases

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