Cambridge, MA April 25, 2013: CRICO Strategies is pleased to announce a newly-signed three-year agreement with MMIC to become our newest data partner through the purchase of our Comprehensive Risk Intelligence Service (CRIS) and membership in our Comparative Benchmark System (CBS).

A Minnesota-based company, MMIC is the largest policyholder-owned medical liability insurance company in the Midwest. They serve the entire health care community, including academic physicians, clinics, health care systems, community hospitals, outpatient and long-term care facilities. MMIC currently does business in nine states and covers more than 17,100 physicians, insuring more than 500 hospitals, facilities clinics.

“We embrace the success we’ve achieved in our ability to transform clinician behavior using our data, governance structure, and physician engagement,” says Luke Sato, MD, Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President for CRICO. “Knowledge, in the form of clinically coded and analyzed data, provides tools for health care leaders from all over the world to support different conversations, actions and outcomes.”

Strategies carefully seeks out partners who share this long term holistic vision, and who believe, as we do, that a critical step toward improving our systems and practices starts with understanding our current state, validating variation, and learning from each other. The bedrock of this work is deeply analyzed, clinically relevant claims data. Adding MMIC to our database is an exciting step toward achieving our mission, and continuing with our focused growth.

According to Julie Stafford, Senior Vice President of Business Development for MMIC, the collaboration will benefit both organizations. “We are poised to take our patient safety and risk management services to a new level, and we know that the symbiotic relationship with CRICO, and their track record of using data to improve patient safety is essential to our work.”

“Our collective data serves as the foundation for the work we will be undertaking to improve safety across both of our organizational networks,” explains Arvind Kumar, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for CRICO. “We share a commitment to the belief that clinicians want to practice the safest care possible in the safest environments, and that we have a responsibility to learn from one another by looking at, and learning from, the data and outcomes.”

We look forward to this new partnership and the shared lessons around best practices we will inevitably learn from one another to help build a safer care environment for both of our organizations.

CRICO Strategies is a division of the Risk Management Foundation of the Harvard Medical Institutions, Inc., a CRICO company. CRICO, a recognized leader in evidence-based risk management, is a group of companies owned by and serving the Harvard medical community. For more than 30 years, the CRICO companies have provided industry-leading medical professional liability coverage, claims management, and patient safety resources to its members.

MMIC is the largest policyholder-owned medical liability insurance company in the Midwest. We serve the entire health care community, including physicians, health care systems, hospitals, outpatient and long-term care facilities. We are always thinking ahead to find new and better ways to protect clients through risk financing, improving patient safety, physician well-being, and reducing risks associated with information technology. We provide peace of mind so clients can focus on delivering health care in an era of health care reform, increasing regulations and a growing patient base. MMIC is headquartered in Minneapolis.


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