CRICO Insights: May 2021

Shared Risk and Key Factors to Consider in Nursing Med Mal Cases

Nurses play a vital role in the delivery of safe care for patients. Although our research shows nurses aren’t often named in cases, they share responsibility for factors resulting in medical error that lead to allegations of medical malpractice.

Physicians and nurses alike should keep these key factors in mind and work together on patient safety improvements.


Case Triggers

• Inadequate patient assessments

• Provider-provider communication breakdowns in care


Case Outcomes

• Involve a high-severity injury

• Close with an indemnity payment

• Incur higher average payments

Read more: Taking a Second Look at Nursing Malpractice Cases


Patient Safety Framework for Inter-hospital Transfers

Until recently, the patient safety risks of inter-hospital transfers (IHTs) has not been given significant attention. Our Academic Medical Center Patient Safety Organization (AMC PSO) has created the Patient Safety Framework for Inter-hospital Transfers to provide guidance on the risks involved in IHTs. How can we make hospital transfers safe?


Cures Act Opens Clinical Notes to Patients

We spoke with CRICO’s VP of Patient Safety Pat Folcarelli, RN, PhD, about some of the changes that came along with the implementation of the 21st Century Cures Act, which opened up patient's access to clinical notes. Learn the risks that come with open notes...


A Failure to Document Patient’s Refusal

A 60-year-old male’s allegation of a failure to diagnose colon cancer was complicated by his undocumented refusals of recommended cancer screenings. What went wrong?


Doctors & the Law eBook Available

Combining legal and medical perspectives with an anecdotal approach to the subject matter, Doctors & the Law is an essential read for those who find themselves embroiled in a legal situation. Log in and download your free copy...


2021 Grant Recipients

Congratulations to the recipients of CRICO's 2021 request for applications grants process. Each year, CRICO analyzes medical malpractice claims experiences and engages a team of experts from its membership to identify a variety of RFA focus areas to increase its footprint in championing and advancing patient safety efforts. What projects are we helping move forward?

Latest News from CRICO

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    How Does Work Environment Relate to Diagnostic Quality? A Prospective, Mixed Methods Study in Primary Care

    CRICO Grants
    The aim of this CRICO-funded study was to develop a tool assessing key elements of the diagnostic assessment process and apply it to a series of diagnostic encounters examining clinical notes and encounters' recorded transcripts.

    The Patient Safety Adoption Framework: A Practical Framework to Bridge the Know-Do Gap

    CRICO Grants
    Many patient safety initiatives fail to be adopted and implemented, even when proven effective. This creates the well-recognized know-do gap—which occurs when health care workers know what should be done based on evidence vs. what takes place in practice. To address this issue, CRICO funded the development of a patient safety adoption framework and had it evaluated by leaders in quality and safety. The framework and its findings were published online in the Journal of Patient Safety in April 2023.

    Utilization of Electronic Health Record Sex and Gender Demographic Fields: A Metadata and Mixed Methods Analysis

    CRICO Grants
    This CRICO co-funded retroactive study published in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association analyzed the records of patients 18 years of age or older in the Mass General Brigham health system with a first Legal Sex entry (registration requirement) between 2018 and 2022. The study was important because "Sex and gender demographic data are widely viewed as essential to providing culturally responsive gender affirming care and facilitating research and public health interventions."
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