CRICO Insights: August 2020

Five Questions for Residency Leaders in the Time of COVID-19

Chief residents identified these key questions to ask as new training strategies are developed to quickly address the pandemic’s uncharted challenges.


What are our program’s core values, and how do we maintain them?


How do we manage communication?


How do we maintain community?


How have our roles as chief residents evolved?


How do we create a sense of “normalcy”?


Defendants Cool their Heels During COVID-19

CRICO caught up with an attorney who specializes working with doctors, nurses, and other provider defendants to discuss the state of malpractice trials during COVID-19. Learn what’s going on in the courtroom...


Is the Procedure Being Performed What the Patient Consented To?

A 25-year-old patient suffered a total loss of hearing after receiving a surgical procedure she did not consent to. What went wrong?


Reducing the Occurrence of Malpractice Cases Involving Insufficient Documentation

CRICO’s 2020 CBS Benchmarking Report found the odds of a medical professional liability (MPL) case closing with an indemnity payment increase 76% when there are indications that documentation of patient encounters and care were inadequate. How can documentation get better?


Patient Safety Grants Applications are Open

CRICO is pleased to announce a Request for Application (RFA) to advance our commitment to patient safety. These grants are designed to support identification, evaluation, and implementation of patient safety solutions aligned with identified areas of malpractice risk. Advance patient safety in your practice...


Best Medical Practices Course 2020

PCPs, join us on November 7 for a day-long CME program focused on maximizing skills and minimizing risks in the primary care setting. Register now...

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