CRICO Insights: June 2019

Top 5 Patient Assessment Issues

38% of medmal cases involve a patient assessment issue. These are the most frequently identified.*


failure/delay in ordering diagnostic test


failure to appreciate and reconcile relevant signs and symptoms


failure to establish differential diagnosis


misinterpretation of diagnostic studies (X-rays, slides, films)


inadequate history and physical

Find out more in Medical Malpractice in America.
*Percent of cases involving patient assessment issues. Cases may have more than one issue.


Are My Interests Really Protected by CRICO?

By law, ethics, and mandate of the CRICO shareholders, the defendant—not the insurance company—is the client of the attorney asked to represent a CRICO-insured defendant in a medical malpractice claim. Get the FAQs about medmal claims...


Breast Care: Take Care When Nothing’s There

Dense breasts, genetic testing: modern breast care—especially diagnosing cancer—is fraught for primary care physicians. Listen to highlights from the new guidelines...


The Challenges of Discharge Instructions

A diabetic patient being treated for a foot contusion suffers necrosis and requires a partial amputation. What went wrong?


Patient Safety Grant Award Recipients for 2018 & 2019

Over the past two years, nearly two dozen patient safety research projects have been funded by CRICO. Find out about the patient safety advances we're supporting...


Best Medical Practices Course 2019

PCPs, join us on November 9 for a day-long event focused on maximizing skills and minimizing risks in the primary care setting. Register now...

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