CRICO Insights: November 2018

5 Things to Discuss with Your Patient Who Declines Testing or Treatment


What the testing or treatment entails


Why it is the recommended course of action


The risks and benefits of the proposed testing or treatment


The risks of not having or delaying the testing or treatment


Any alternatives that are possible

And, of course, always document your patients’ decisions.
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Defendant Peer Resource Group

Hear from past and current defendants about their experiences—and how they help each other mitigate the stresses of being involved in a malpractice case. Being a defendant doesn’t mean being isolated.


Innovations in Primary Care Patient Safety

How would you “move the needle” on safety in the ambulatory care setting? HMS’s Center for Primary Care gathered clinicians for a two-year collaboration to do just that. Hear how they transformed their practices.


Cracking the Code for Better Rapport Among Generations—Patients and Colleagues

You can’t talk to a Baby Boomer the same way you to talk to a Millennial—not if you hope to communicate effectively, that is. Listen to author Anna Liotta’s tips for bridging the gaps.


Nobody Followed Up on Lung Nodule

There was a four-year delay in follow-up for incidental findings on a chest CT scan, despite that fact that a number of providers knew about the scan. What went wrong?

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