CRICO Insights: June 2018

Emerging, Evidence-based Risks

CRICO’s data partnerships and patient safety grants identify—and validate—areas of increased risk for patient harm. The results can guide the development of precisely targeted, meaningful patient safety interventions. Among the research published this year:


Poor communication and teamwork from surgeons linked with increased risk


Critical variability in emergency general surgery may impact outcomes


Association between labor and delivery unit census and delays in patient-care decisions


Gaps in referral management systems


Medication-related clinical decision support over-rides in the ICU


Patient Safety Becoming a Family Affair

Patients’ family members are providing direct care between doctor and hospital visits, so what’s their role in patient safety? The clinical team may be broader than you think...


Imagining an EHR that Reduces Clinician Burnout

Can we leverage the EHR as one of the solutions to burnout, rather than a cause? Dr. David Ting of MGH assesses the current burdens on physicians and proposes a path to a better future. There is hope...

cmeOnline CME

Reducing Risk for Medical Malpractice

What can you do to reduce your risk of being sued? A leading malpractice defense attorney discusses strategies you can use to decrease your malpractice risk. Don’t be afraid... MD | non MD version


Inconsistent Performance and Documentation of MD Orders

A 56-year-old male admitted for repair of facial fractures suffered a fatal post-operative cardiac event. What went wrong?

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