CRICO Insights: August 2016

Five Professional Obstacles Facing Physicians


Occupational stress and burnout


Workplace hostility/lack of collegiality


Drug and alcohol addiction


Behavioral health problems


Inappropriate use of social media

How Physician Health Services can help...

CRICO Grants: 2016 RFA

CRICO is dedicated to helping its members improve the quality and safety of their patient care. We offer grant awards to stimulate research and patient safety interventions. Get your project funded...

What criteria are used to select medical experts?

What factors does CRICO consider when selecting expert medical witnesses? Also: Why do some cases settle before trial? What will I need to do during the course of a medmal lawsuit? Log in to read FAQs about medmal claims...


Poor Pre-op Assessment --> Post-op Complication

A 62-year-old male with a history of respiratory problems died two days after knee replacement surgery. What went wrong?


National Look at Communication Errors/Solutions

“These are real, cultural, behavioral ways we deliver health care changes, and they are meaningful and critical, but they do not happen overnight.” Hear from the innovators...

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