CRICO Insights: May 2015


In Defense of the Jury System

Despite the variability of juries, it is the system we have, and for the most part it works well. Learn More


2015 Patient Safety Symposium| June 5, Boston*

We’re Putting Culture on Trial: examining its culpability in preventable adverse events, unsafe practices, and increasing the risk of malpractice allegations. View event page


Missing/Dismissing Signs and Symptoms

A 57-year-old male with a history of two MIs, sleep apnea, and hypertension was seen for jaw pain and chest tightness. Learn more


Diagnostic Dropped Ball: Lung Nodule

Was it poor communication or a poor results management system that contributed to a four-year delay in lung disease diagnosis? Learn more


Are You Complicating Your Consults?

Out of 1,162 CRICO cases asserted from 2010–14...


involved a breakdown of communication among providers (including “curbside consults”)



involved a failure or delay in obtaining a consult or referral

Streamline your consults...

Research has been published about this effort.Learn about the CRICO ED Training programOBs, CNMs and family practicitioners can complete an incentive programPDF version of Issue 14, from the AMC PSO Patient Safety Alert newsletter seriesI-PASS communication and training tools: read the research

Latest News from CRICO

Get all your medmal and patient safety news here.

    Establishing a Regional Registry for Neonatal Encephalopathy: Impact on Identification of Gaps in Practice

    CRICO Grants
    Neonatal encephalopathy continues to be a significant risk for death and disability. To address this risk, regional guidelines were developed with the support of CRICO. A neonatal encephalopathy registry was also established. The aim of this study was to identify areas of variation in practice that could benefit from quality improvement projects.

    The Patient Safety Adoption Framework: A Practical Framework to Bridge the Know-Do Gap

    CRICO Grants
    Many patient safety initiatives fail to be adopted and implemented, even when proven effective. This creates the well-recognized know-do gap—which occurs when health care workers know what should be done based on evidence vs. what takes place in practice. To address this issue, CRICO funded the development of a patient safety adoption framework and had it evaluated by leaders in quality and safety. The framework and its findings were published online in the Journal of Patient Safety in April 2023.

    Diagnostic Errors Linked to Nearly 800,000 Deaths or Cases of Permanent Disability in U.S.

    CRICO in partnership with Johns Hopkins Armstrong Institute Center for Diagnostic Excellence, conducted a study that indicates misdiagnosis of disease or other medical conditions leads to hundreds of thousands of deaths and permanent disabilities each year in the U.S.
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