CRICO Insights: June 2015


Practicing Anti-Social Medicine

Is the phone in your pocket increasing your risk of being sued for medical malpractice? Learn More

When Your Patient Can't Read Along

Outcomes linked to the patient's reading or math ability can mean trouble for caregivers. Sometimes that includes doctors and nurses who made no clinical errors. Learn More

CRICO OR Team Training Program with Simulation

This voluntary program entitles participants to collect an incentive rebate for each year in which they complete specific risk reduction activities. Learn more

Can Organizational Culture Create Safer Care?

CRICO put culture on trial to examine its culpability in contributing to preventable adverse events, unsafe practices, and increasing the risk of malpractice allegations. Learn more


Attending Needed at Bedside for
Emergency Abdominal Dx

Junior resident did not recognize bowel obstruction. Learn more


What a High Safety Score Means to Hospitals

The number of hospitals choosing to participate in the Leapfrog Group's annual survey has been growing steadily. Learn more


The top clinical judgment failures in resident MPL cases

2,098 cases asserted 2009-13 named a resident. Clinical judgment failures were identified in 52% of them. insight_data_20157

Visit My CRICO to learn more about the MPL risks in your specialty.

Supporting Disclosure and Apology

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