Researchers combined qualitative analysis with multiple, rapid cycles of testing at three different healthcare facilities to validate the classification system in order to create a taxonomy that will be broadly applicable to the practice of medical oncology across different sites of care. They developed the first validated incident reporting taxonomy for medical oncology. This novel approach used a qualitative research framework in combination with multiple rapid testing cycles based on the plan-do-study-act principles of quality improvement. The combined approach allowed for accelerated completion of the project in less than a year.

Citation for the Full-text Article

Jacobson JO, Zerillo JA, Mulvey T, Stuver SO, Revette AC. Development of a taxonomy for characterising medical oncology-related patient safety and quality incidents: A novel approach. BMJ Open Quality. 2022 July;11(3):e001828. doi: 10.1136/bmjoq-2022-001828.

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