In the 1930s, American engineer William Heinrich developed a model for understanding the scale and scope of “safety,” or the lack of it, in industry. His Heinrich Ratio or Heinrich Pyramid, while forever challenged but never refuted, has influenced every safety program in every industry worldwide, including health care. Heinrich suggested that for every death or serious injury, there are 29 adverse events, 300 near misses, and 3000 latent risks creating unsafe conditions.

Enter big data. Big data has spent the last decade, well, getting big. Now, after near-crippling investment by health care organizations in their systems and data, executives want answers, not more data. In the realm of patient safety, CRICO Strategies’ national Comparative Benchmarking System (CBS) offers deep insight into what went wrong and, most importantly, why it went wrong.


CBS is the largest evidence-based patient safety “learning engine” in the world representing approximately 30% of all US medical professional liability claims. Because of this sheer volume, it is appropriate to say that CBS ‘owns’ the top of Heinrich’s Pyramid. Its robust taxonomy and massive scale of deeply coded cases reveal underlying system and process failures, giving CBS a unique lens on the systems and processes that can either enable or disable the care you provide for your patients. So whether you use the word safety, quality, risk, performance, satisfaction, or value, CBS transcends them all because processes and systems are what all those words have in common.


At your fingertips, on demand, health care executives like you can gain a command of what, where, how, and why patients are being harmed and causing organizations to incur major financial losses from unreimbursed care, readmissions, and litigation and claims. You can see what organizations like yours are experiencing, or you can compare your harm and loss data against your peer organizations.

Understand your risk. Prioritize your limited resources to proactively save lives, time and money. CBS is precision patient safety. And it’s available to you immediately.


For a demo, contact Mike Paskavitz, AVP, CRICO Strategies.


Powerful Analytics: Strategies manages a rich database of more than 400,000 cases—with deeply coded causation factors—that can inform risk management strategycricostrategies20dataexpertiseresults400
Expertise: CRICO has 40 years of experience as a trusted partner to the Harvard medical community and 20 years in the national arena
Results: We partner with the best in the business to publish new data and convene regularly with our members and national clients to tackle current issues in MPL risk and patient safety

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