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Eyes Wide Open: Lessons from HMS Patient Safety Fellows


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Eyes Wide Open: Lessons from HMS Patient Safety Fellows

By Tom A. Augello, CRICO

Related to: Ambulatory, Communication, Diagnosis, Emergency Medicine, Primary Care, Medication, Nursing, Obstetrics, Other Specialties, Patient Safety Awareness, Surgery

Duration: 5:04

This podcast is an episode of Patient Safety Updates. You can find other episodes and subscribe using the links to the left.

In a candid talk, members of the first class of Harvard Medical School Patient Safety and Quality Fellowship program share their new insights. They delved deep to understand the scientific basis of quality improvement and patient safety, including the epidemiology and nature of medical error, quality measurement and data analysis, research and evaluation design, improvement tools and techniques, as well as best practices. 

When they’re done, these physicians will design QI projects, learn to facilitate/lead healthcare professionals in multi-disciplinary teams, and navigate and understand the complex dynamics of hospitals/clinical operations.

July 22, 2013
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