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Documentation in court, communication breakdowns, and more...


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Documentation in court, communication breakdowns, and more...

By Alison Anderson, Katy Schuler, CRICO

Related to: Claims, Communication, Cures Act: Opening Notes, Emergency Medicine, Primary Care, Surgery

CRICO Insights: February 2016

Top 5 Communication Breakdowns in Health Care

3 involve provider-provider communication



miscommunication among clinicians regarding the patient’s condition



inadequate informed consent and expectation management



poor documentation of information critical to subsequent care



unsympathetic response to a patient or family member



failure to read the medical record (prior to rendering a diagnosis or ordering treatment)

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Documentation: Critical at Trial

Documentation is critical for good patient care, but when something goes wrong, its importance goes beyond the exam room to the courtroom. Get an attorney’s read

Who’s Next? Patient Safety Risks in the ED

Without an ongoing relationship with their patients, ED clinicians can be blind to diagnostic errors (perhaps until they are sued for malpractice). Find out how to spot and avoid the risks


Referral SNAFUs Delay Assessment

On the day she was to have her cardiology appointment, the patient died. How can trivial errors yield catastrophic results?


Troubled Brew: Multiple Providers, Disjointed Care

The patient self-referred to multiple physicians, each of whom made erroneous assumptions about the others. What happened?

 sAVE THE DATE: June 9, 2016

Mind the Gaps

Avoiding the risks of communication failures in patient care

patient safety symposium | Revere Hotel, Boston, MA

Learn what you can do to avoid communication missteps that can lead to patient harm and allegations of medical malpractice. Speakers, agenda, and registration details are coming soon.

February 17, 2016
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