Patient Safety Salute: Health Care Risk Managers

by sitecore\katy | 06/18/2018

Every day we work with health care risk managers from across the country who are dedicated to patient safety. These professionals are on the front lines of identifying risks that could lead to serious, preventable safety events and developing solutions to prevent them from happening.

ASHRM Healthcare Risk Management Week, June 18–22, 2018

At CRICO Strategies, we understand the challenges of delivering safe health care and risk managers are an integral part of the health care team. CRICO Strategies supports our CBS Members' risk management teams by providing a better understanding of their patient safety risks through analysis of our CBS data. This provides the insight they need to identify and address these risks and vulnerabilities. We are honored to support these dedicated professionals as we all work towards delivering safer care.

So in honor of your passion and dedication to patient safety, we salute health care risk managers.


Powerful Analytics: Strategies manages a rich database of more than 400,000 cases—with deeply coded causation factors—that can inform risk management strategycricostrategies20dataexpertiseresults400 Expertise: CRICO has 40 years of experience as a trusted partner to the Harvard medical community and 20 years in the national arena
Results: We partner with the best in the business to publish new data and convene regularly with our members and national clients to tackle current issues in MPL risk and patient safety