The ACCME rigorously evaluates the overall continuing medical education programs of institutions according to standards adopted by all seven sponsoring organizations of the ACCME. These are: the American Board of Medical Specialties; the American Hospital Association; the American Medical Association; the Association for Hospital Medical Education; the Association of American Medical Colleges; the Council of Medical Specialty Societies; and the Federation of State Medical Boards of the U.S., Inc.

CRICO Learning Platform

Accreditation Statement

CME Educators Overview

CRICO is available to assist clinician educators from CRICO-insured institutions in planning a customized presentation that meets your risk management and patient safety needs.

Guidelines for Sponsorship

In considering requests to sponsor continuing medical education activities, the following guidelines have been developed.

  1. Active participation of a CRICO Patient Safety department staff member in the planning and/or teaching process.
  2. Explicit identification of practice gap(s) of CRICO-insured physicians supported by CRICO malpractice data.
  3. Clear alignment with CRICO’s mission and consistent with the malpractice target areas.


Interested in submitting a proposal?

See our instructions and timeline:

  • Learn how to submit your idea and write the proposal
  • What to do when the proposal is approved.

To submit a proposal, visit the new CRICO CPD Learning Management System and follow the steps there.




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