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The ACCME rigorously evaluates the overall continuing medical education programs of institutions according to standards adopted by all seven sponsoring organizations of the ACCME. These are: the American Board of Medical Specialties; the American Hospital Association; the American Medical Association; the Association for Hospital Medical Education; the Association of American Medical Colleges; the Council of Medical Specialty Societies; and the Federation of State Medical Boards of the U.S., Inc.

Accreditation Statement

CME Educators Timeline

The proposal requirements and timeline details are also available as a printable document (PDF). pdf


If you are interested in providing an educational activity in which the attendees can receive credits, follow these requirements according to the timeline.

Six weeks before you begin your activities

Four weeks before you begin these activities

Send all of the following documents for approval:

  • ❏ Faculty and planner disclosure and attestation forms
  • ❏ Intended Evaluation
  • ❏ Intended invitations and promotional materials for each session
  • ❏ Agenda with times and location and title of activity

First day of each month

  • ❏ Email your planned activities for the month with agenda (including times and location)

During each activity

  • ❏ Share Resolution of Conflict of Interest Form (ROI) either in paper form or on slide
  • ❏ Sign and attest that the form was distributed or slide displayed prior to the start of the activity
  • ❏ Provide a sign-in mechanism for participants with credentials listed (written sign in or electronic)

Thirty days after the activity

Send the following the Office of CME:

  • ❏ A copy of the sign in sheets
  • ❏ A typed list of participants with full name and credentials
  • ❏ Final list of faculty
  • ❏ Summary of evaluations
  • ❏ Actual budget with final expenses
  • ❏ Copies of all handouts/course materials