Tom Augello is responsible for producing, directing, and editing all multi-media for CRICO which includes video, audio, and podcast production. His productions can be found on our website, as well as Spotify, YouTube, and iTunes.

Tom Augello

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    Person in labor

    Med Error Leads to Change in L&D Policy

    A 30-year-old woman experiencing her first pregnancy, presented to the Labor and Delivery unit. She was given the wrong drug and required an emergent C-section. The "five rights" of medication administration focuses on individual factors and not necessarily on system flaws. Many organizations are also promoting just culture, which encourages reporting near-misses and patient safety events, and focuses on psychological safety and promoting a non-punitive reporting culture.
    neural network head with a stethoscope

    Bringing AI Into Medicine and Keeping It Safe

    As artificial intelligence, or AI, takes off in the public sphere, what about medicine? The health care industry has been using some form of AI for decades, yet very recent advancements are upping the ante. This episode of Safety Net presents excerpts from a recent talk to malpractice attorneys by health care AI expert, Dr. Steven Horng, MD, MMSC, of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School.
    Nurse at computer on the phone

    A Net to Catch Patients at Risk of Falling Through the Cracks

    The Harvard teaching hospitals and their affiliated institutions have banded together to tackle one of the most difficult and deadly challenges that face all health care providers: clinical tests and specialty referrals that are lost to follow-up. Anecdotal evidence already shows patients who were rescued by the Ambulatory Safety Net project. Navigators are convincing patients to follow through, and results are being flagged.
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