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AMC PSO Resource Center

Visit this area to learn more about the Academic Medical Center Patient Safety Organization (AMC PSO) at CRICO.
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Neonatal Guidelines


The AMC PSO has released a set of consensus-based guidelines for the most effective use of therapeutic hypothermia in cases of suspected neonatal encephalopathy. More>>

Patient Safety Alerts

The AMC PSO releases its Patient Safety Alerts publication on a regular basis.  Each issue takes an in-depth look at topics concerning patient safety.  More>

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History of the Academic Medical Center Patient Safety Organization

In 2009, the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act (PSQIA) was enacted to create a culture of safety by providing federal privilege and confidentiality protections for information that is assembled and reported to a PSO, or developed by a PSO, for the conduct of patient safety activities.  More>>

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Mission Statement

The AMC PSO strives to act as a national convener of clinicians and health care organizations in an effort to promote patient safety by focusing on specific quality and safety initiatives, including:

  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Information
  • Convening Sessions
  • Adverse Event and Near-Miss Reporting