Medical Malpractice Involving Pulmonary/Critical Care Physicians

  • November 1, 2019

Researchers, including CRICO co-authors Jillian Skillings and Lisa Heard, used data from the Comparative Benchmarking System (CBS) to determine the differences in claims which involve Pulmonary Care Clinicians (PCC).

By identifying claims in which a PCC was named as the primary physician involved in the harm the authors were able to determine what claim characteristics are most frequently involved, and ultimately which ones could be used to predict payment.

Claims involving PCCs as the primary physician were found to have a high indemnity-per-claim despite only a quarter of the claims resulting in a payment, which suggests that specialty-specific risk prevention strategies may be beneficial in reducing payment and patient harm in this area.

Citation for the Full-text Article

Myers LC, Skillings J, Heard L, Metlay JP, Mort E. Medical malpractice involving pulmonary/critical care physicians. Chest. 2019 November 1. 156(5):907-914. doi: 10.1016/j.chest.2019.04.102.