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December 10, 2019 An Examination of Medical Malpractice Claims Involving Physician Trainees

A CRICO-supported study that sought to “identify patient-, provider- and claim-related factors of medical malpractice claims in which physician trainees were directly involved in the harm events.”

October 1, 2019 Retrospective Analysis of Perioperative Variables Associated With Postoperative Delirium and Other Adverse Outcomes in Older Patients After Spine Surgery

This CRICO-supported retrospective study aimed to identify perioperative variables predictive of the development of delirium in older surgical patients after spine surgery.


October 1, 2019 Investigating MPL Vulnerability for the Institutions that Employ and Insure NPs and PAs

CRICO’s CBS data provided Aon/ASHRM’s 2019 Hospital and Physician Professional Liability Benchmark Analysis report a deeper dive into the impact of employing physician assistants and nurse practitioners on medical professional liability costs.


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The Importance of Communication

  • February 1, 2016

HRMR investigates what it is physician practices can learn from the medical malpractice risks identified in the 2015 CRICO Strategies CBS report on communication failures.

While communication failures are varied, the implications are real: unsafe patient care. Heather Riah, assistant vice president of CRICO Strategies, along with some of her colleagues, speak to some of the drivers that are highlighted in the 2015 CRICO Strategies CBS report.


Citation for the full-text article:

The Importance of Communication. Healthcare Risk Management Review. 2016 February. 10-12.