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Breast Care Management, Cancer Dx Risks, and more


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Breast Care Management, Cancer Dx Risks, and more

By Alison Anderson, Missy Padoll, Wallinda Hutson, CRICO

Related to: Clinical Guidelines, Primary Care, Other Specialties, Publications

CRICO Insights: October 2018

Breast Care Management: Quick Tips for PCPs

In observance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, here are safer care tips specific to breast care management.

Presentation & Screening

Care Management

• Patient-detected Mass
• Patient Unsatisfied with a Negative Finding
• Significance of Early Detection
• Risk for Women <30
• Communication
• Test Results
• Follow Up
• Documentation



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Primary care clinicians who see patients ages 40–70 are at the front line of cancer detection and, thus, at risk of an allegation that they failed to make a timely cancer diagnosis. Can your squad stay safe?



Should I Use a Decision Support Tool?

During an appointment for a self-detected breast lump, a 34-year-old’s physical exam was noted as normal. The patient underwent a screening mammogram, but cancer wasn’t diagnosed until nine months later. What went wrong?



Patient Voice

Patient finds breast lump and after initial delay, is thrilled at subsequent treatment and support by clinical team. How care can go right after going wrong...


October 17, 2018
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