CRICO Insights: September 2018

Top 5 most cited CRICO-funded research projects


The impact of the 80-hour resident workweek on surgical residents and attending surgeons [citation]


Redefining and redesigning hospital discharge to enhance patient care: a randomized controlled study [citation]


Communication practices on four Harvard surgical services: a surgical safety collaborative [citation]


Assessing the rates of error and adverse events in the ED [citation]


What patients value about reading visit notes: a qualitative inquiry [citation]


Does Legal System Cull Bad Claims?

How well does the legal system weed out claims of medical negligence that have no merit? Are so-called “frivolous claims” common? Researcher David Studdert found out...


Are You Safe?

These case studies—with additional resources for presenters—are designed to help all members of a multidisciplinary team reduce the risk of patient harm in the course of diagnosis and treatment. Read them for yourself; share them with your team...


Primary Care Docs Try to Up Their Diagnosis Game

In primary care, the big worry is what you don’t know, what you don’t see… especially when it could be a life-altering diagnosis. Listen...


Diagnosis of Aortic Dissection Delayed by Mismanagement of Imaging Orders

In the ED for acute severe epigastric pain, the patient suffered hypoxic brain injury and spinal paraplegia. What went wrong?


Pathways to Safer Care

Patient safety leaders from across the Harvard medical community share their successes creating clear pathways to safer health care. Join us for our HUBweek Open Doors event...

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