CRICO Insights: November 2016

10 Patient Safety Priorities for Hospitals from AHRQ


Prevent central line-associated blood stream infections


Re-engineer hospital discharges


Prevent venous thromboembolism


Educate patients about using blood thinners safely


Limit shift durations for medical residents and other staff if possible


Consider working with a Patient Safety Organization


Use good hospital design principles


Measure your hospital’s patient safety culture


Build better teams and rapid response system


Insert chest tubes safely

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CRICO WEBINAR | 12:15–1:15 PM, Dec 6

Medical Liability & Patient Safety Amidst the Opioid Crisis

Do you have concerns about the risks associated with prescribing opioids? Learn how best to protect yourself and your patients. Register now...

Our Juries: Partners in Justice

It is important for defendants to see themselves and jurors as partners in the jury process, partners in justice—rather than adversaries. Attorneys share their experience with MA juries...

Doctors & the Law

(second edition)

“This book should be required reading for all doctors, lawyers and claims professionals who are or may someday be involved in medical malpractice cases.” Latest Zobel/Rous book now available ...


Communication Issue Leads to Retained Foreign Body

The patient’s back and lower extremity pain was ultimately diagnosed as being related to an intrathecal lumbar catheter left behind eight months earlier. What went wrong?


Called to be Juror in Medmal Case?
Lawyers Want to Talk to You

Recent changes in MA law alter how jurors are empaneled. Hear how it affects MPL cases...

Latest News from CRICO

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    Q&A: Three Experts on the SafeCare Study and Its Implications for Future Patient Safety Action

    CRICO Grants
    A new CRICO-funded study underscores the persistence of medical harm based on a review of patient records in 11 Massachusetts hospitals. With the SafeCare Study, researchers revisit the foundational Harvard Medical Practice Study I and II that used health records to identify adverse events in hospital care more than 30 years ago.

    The Safety of Inpatient Health Care

    CRICO Grants
    Funded by CRICO, ​​​"The Safety of Inpatient Health Care" study published in the New England Journal of Medicine on January 12, 2023, is an important follow up to the landmark Harvard Medical Practice Study, published in 1991.

    The Patient Safety Adoption Framework: A Practical Framework to Bridge the Know-Do Gap

    CRICO Grants
    Many patient safety initiatives fail to be adopted and implemented, even when proven effective. This creates the well-recognized know-do gap—which occurs when health care workers know what should be done based on evidence vs. what takes place in practice. To address this issue, CRICO funded the development of a patient safety adoption framework and had it evaluated by leaders in quality and safety. The framework and its findings were published online in the Journal of Patient Safety in April 2023.
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