Photo shows spines of medical books on a bookshelf‘Tis the season to reflect on 2019 and the accomplishments of our collective work. In 2019, many research studies were published using CRICO Strategies Comparative Benchmarking System (CBS) data. As this data set continues to grow—currently representing approximately 30 percent of all US medical professional liability (MPL) claims—it offers a wealth of opportunity for insights about medical malpractice claims trends and patient safety risks.

Part of our mission is to broadly disseminate learning from CBS so we are grateful to this body of work done by dedicated researchers comprising our staff, clients, and external researchers.

Insights from MPL data

Analyzing MPL data provides actionable insights to a vast number of professionals:

  • Actuaries writing reinsurance
  • Health care executives assessing business plans
  • Claims managers establishing defense strategies
  • Clinicians developing and employing patient safety improvements and processes

The data are used to:

  • Gauge concerning trends and spot emerging risks
  • Compare information over time and across peer groups
  • Determine high-yield patient safety and quality improvements

published peer-review studies in 2019 using CBS data

In addition to working with our data partners (those who code and contribute their claims data to CBS), we work with researchers interested in exploring medical malpractice data to inform clinical care and processes. For example, this year we conducted an analysis with a researcher from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Research topics can be specific such as claims related to the management of benign biliary disease, to broad topics such as claims involving diagnosis. Of the studies published in peer review journals in 2019 that leveraged CBS data, the topics most frequently analyzed were diagnosis, surgery and anesthesia.

Below is a listing of those peer review studies. Links to the articles in the journals are provided (some journals may require subscriptions).

Diagnosis-related Research

Surgery-related Research

Anesthesia-related Research

Cardiovascular-related Research

Misc. Research Topics

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