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PCPs Work to Hold Onto MD/Patient
Relationship in Era of Team Care


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PCPs Work to Hold Onto MD/Patient
Relationship in Era of Team Care

By Tom A. Augello, CRICO

Related to: Ambulatory, Communication, Primary Care, Nursing, Other Specialties, Patient Safety Awareness, Teamwork Training

Duration: 4:33

This podcast is an episode of Patient Safety Updates. You can find other episodes and subscribe using the links to the left.


  • Lawrence Stratton, MD
  • Virginia Palazzo, MD
  • Laura Zucker, MD
  • Karen DaSilva, MD
  • David Ives, MD
  • Gila Kriegel, MD
  • John Ingard, MD

Medical homes, accountable care organizations, team-based care: modern medicine for primary care physicians is rapidly changing. Yet the need to maintain a strong doctor/patient relationship is more vital than ever. How do PCPs regard these changes and nurture strong bonds with their patients? What are the impediments and the solutions? Several physicians in the Boston area share their experiences and their concerns from the front lines.

September 30, 2014
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