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Archive of Retired Publications


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Archive of Retired Publications

By Jennifer Rose, CRICO

Related to: Communication, Emergency Medicine, Primary Care, Obstetrics, Other Specialties, Publications, Surgery

CRICO and CRICO Strategies regularly produce a variety of publications. These are distributed through a mix of print, electronic, video and audio channels. 

A list of the content or content titles (for those that are no longer relevant) of retired CRICO or CRICO Strategies publications can be found here.


kc_forum_logoCRICO Forum Past Issues

1997-2010. This was a PDF version of a newsletter containing about 10 articles per issue.

Forum provides in-depth analyses of specific medical malpractice cases and issues, along with practical loss prevention advice and case abstracts.

Visit the archive page.



kc_resource_logoCRICO Resource Past Issues

2006-2010. This was an audio program with each issue exploring one topic. It was distributed on CDs and is still available as a Podcast channel.

Resource presents interviews with experts in patient safety and risk management, case abstracts and legal reports.

Visit the archive page.




April 24, 2015
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