The MPL Association Appoints Mark Reynolds, CRICO President and CEO, a Board Officer

  • February 12, 2021

CRICO President and CEO Mark E. Reynolds has been named as a board member of the Medical Professional Liability Association.

Mark E. Reynolds, President and CEO of CRICO, was recently appointed to serve on the Medical Professional Liability Association’s board of directors. Joining Reynolds are two other new board members, Sue A. Crook, MD, FACR, a Partner in Midwest Radiology, and Augstin L. Montalvo, President of SIMED, the leading provider of medical malpractice insurance in Puerto Rico. The three appointees will serve as interim members until May 2021 when they will receive approval to serve three-year terms.


Citation for the Full-text Article

Matray. The MPL Association appoints three new board officers. Medical Liability Monitor. Feb. 12, 2021.