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  • Yael Kushner, MD
  • Pathology, BIDMC

One-on-one site mentorship allows fellows to participate in hospital administration, community policy making, and personal projects with continuous and valuable input from senior leadership.

CRICO’s vision in funding this program was to expose clinicians to the nuances between risk, quality, and safety through the lens of malpractice. We hope to learn how to implement broad-reaching interventions that will have a dynamic impact on improving patient safety and quality.

Fellows Alumni Class of 2012–2014

Four fellowships were offered and accepted for the inaugural class that started July 1, 2012. We extend our deepest thanks and congratulations to the graduates!



L to R: Yael Heher, Yvonne Chung, Heather Tory, Ian Zenlea


Yvonne Cheung, MD, MPH

Dr. Cheung was staff Anesthesiologist at Newton-Wellesley, Emerson, and Massachusetts General Hospitals. She graduated from Harvard University and received her MD degree from Columbia, followed by a Medicine internship at Mount Auburn and residency in Anesthesia at Mass General. Dr. Cheung conducted her HMS Fellowship at Mount Auburn Hospital where she focused on developing procedures and systems that make the practice of medicine safer for all.

TODAY: Dr. Cheung serves as Chair of the Department of Quality & Patient Safety/Chief Quality Officer at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge. She is also an Instructor in Anesthesia at Harvard Medical School.


Yael Heher, MD, MPH

Dr. Heher was a renal pathologist and Director of Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement in the Department of Pathology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. She received her MD degree from McGill University, followed by residency training in Anatomic Pathology at Montreal General Hospital and a Renal Pathology fellowship at Massachusetts General. Dr. Heher explored her particular interest in the role of quality assurance and quality improvement in anatomic pathology during her HMS Fellowship at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

TODAY: Dr. Heher continues in her role as Head of Renal Pathology Service and the Director of Quality & Safety in the Department of Pathology at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. She is also an Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School.


Heather Tory, MD, MPH

Dr. Tory was a Fellow in Pediatric Rheumatology at Children’s Hospital Boston. She graduated from Middlebury College and received her MD degree from Tufts University School of Medicine, followed by a pediatric residency at Yale-New Haven Hospital. Dr. Tory worked to improve quality of life and outcome measures in pediatric patients with rheumatic disease during her HMS Fellowship at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

TODAY: Dr. Tory serves as Associate Medical Director for Quality Improvement & Patient Safety at Connecticut Children's Medical Center in Hartford, CT.


Ian Zenlea, MD

Dr. Zenlea was a Pediatric Endocrinology Fellow at Children’s Hospital Boston. He graduated from Middlebury College and received his MD degree from the University of Vermont, followed by a pediatric residency at Yale where he was also a Chief Resident. Dr. Zenlea envisioned quality improvements in the treatment of pediatric obesity through his HMS Fellowship at Boston Children’s Hospital.

TODAY: Dr. Zenlea is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Paediatrics and Endocrinologist at Trillium Health Partners. He also serves as a Clinical Scientist at the Institute for Better Health, Trillium Health Partners in Ontario, Canada.