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  • Pat Folcarelli, RN, PhD
  • Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

The feedback we have gotten from CRICO Strategies interviewing our staff in a RAP (Risk Appraisal and Plan) has been truly transformative.


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Risk Appraisal & Plan for Beth Israel Deaconess Network

After acquiring a suburban community hospital and with plans for continued growth, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center engaged CRICO Strategies in 2012 to conduct a Risk Appraisal and Plan (RAP) process to understand and address the patient safety implications of network expansion.


Our findings, recommendations,
and results.



Pat Folcarelli of BIDN talks about the RAP process and rewards.


White Paper

The full report of CRICO Strategies' analysis of BIDN.

CRICO Strategies conducted a RAP to identify and understand vulnerabilities that may impact clinical care and patient safety at each site and evaluate readiness for building a network-wide patient safety structure.


FINDING: readiness to collaborate on surveillance and education 

RECOMMENDATION: unify the network’s patient safety strategy

RESULT: peri-procedure anti-coagulation management standardized across network


FINDING: organization is motivated to capture events 

RECOMMENDATION: increase system-wide capture and analysis of safety events

RESULT: standardized collection that enables network-wide analysis of safety events


FINDING: two locations struggling to engage clinical staff in safety efforts

RECOMMENDATION: increase employee and physician engagement in safety and quality

RESULT: Qstream online patient safety education tool generates staff buy-in


FINDING: ongoing, regular safety surveys are conducted network-wide


RECOMMENDATION:  continue to assess safety culture

RESULT: safety surveys are proven to influence safety activities