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Updated January 2022

During the COVID-19 crisis, changes have been made to support members. The following summarizes the changes, all of which remain in force:

  • Coverage will apply to expanded privileges related to COVID-19 for all clinicians currently covered by CRICO; Underwriting does not need to be notified nor will a premium class change apply.
  • For those returning to clinical practice to assist with the pandemic, an abbreviated application for retired physicians and reduced requirements for physicians and certified nurse midwives returning to clinical practice are in place.
  • Our MPL policies have been modified to better accommodate insureds with respect to the provision of telemedicine services across state lines. This policy change modifies the policy exclusion related to violation, or potential violation, of state licensure laws when telemedicine services are provided in response to, and/or in connection with, the crisis caused by and/or resulting from the coronavirus.
  • MPL coverage is available to providers who are issued emergency privileges to assist with the pandemic at your organizations but do not have existing MPL coverage OR do not have coverage that extends to work at your organizations. We also have waived certain eligibility requirements to provide this coverage and premium will be waived for all providers who join our member institutions to help with the COVID-19 crisis.

COVID-19: Coverage Questions

  • Does CRICO require notification of new privileges extended to existing providers with CRICO coverage? For whom is notification is required?
  • Are applications required and if so, which application do I use?
  • Can we sign the application with an electronic signature?
  • Will CRICO provide coverage to individuals with an emergency license?

Find all these answers and more on this FAQ page.




Your Policy Covers Telemedicine

During the spread of COVID-19, many clinicians turned to alternative solutions to deliver care safely. Telemedicine is one such solution. CRICO has compiled a list of FAQs along with suggested guidelines from reputable sources. Federal and state requirements related to telemedicine are evolving rapidly.

If you need further assistance, please email Melissa Kemp, Vice President CRICO Underwriting or call 617.450.6835.