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RCAIE: Standardized Analysis

In an effort to identify and generate learnings from real-time events, the AMC PSO developed a state-of-the art tool called Root Cause Analysis Information Exchange Tool (RCAIE).

RCAIE Web Tool Informs and Enhances Convening Sessions

measureruler jpgThis secure, web-based tool will be used for transmission of standardized data sets from member organizations to the AMC PSO. The RCAIE is based on CRICO’s Clinical Coding Taxonomy and standardizes key data fields, including event type, contributing factors, and action interventions.

The RCAIE tool provides a streamlined process for the aggregation and analysis of high-significance adverse events and also facilitates mapping of these events to malpractice claims data. Root cause analysis data is the foundation for robust analytic review and provides valuable insights into those adverse patient outcomes that eventually become malpractice actions. Additionally, analysis of RCA action interventions include review of efficacy for the identification of best practices for responding to particular events.

The AMC PSO is presenting safety events with broad applicability or high urgency at member convening sessions. These sessions include facilitated discussions by institutional risk and safety leaders and their subject matter experts. Discussions are focused on the evaluation of common vulnerabilities and collaboration on interventions that can be widely disseminated. Data gathered from the RCAIE is used to inform and enhance these convening sessions.

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